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Things I Use to Make Things Other People Use


Computer - I have a honking M1-PRO 16" MacBook Pro with 32gb RAM. It is waaaay more than I need to fiddle with text, but I make my computers last (got 7 years off the previous MPB) so I load them up for the long haul. Plus I might try doing a bit of video/pods in the next year (narrator: He would not). I've had Windows and Linux but I prefer Apple stuff for longevity and some basic set-it-and-forget-it stuff.

Keyboard - I have a WASD CODE clicky/mechanical keyboard. I like it well enough, but it's not a religious experience for me as it is for some. I have MX Cherry Brown (softer, quieter - I used to work in a shared office you monsters).

Trackpad - I have an Apple Magic Trackpad. I don't notice it and I don't seem to get wrist pains, which is all I ask of it.

Monitor - I have a couple Dell U2713h that I've never loved and hope they die soon so I can ask for something +4k to spare my old eyes. They don't play nice with my new MBP (or vice versa).

Desk - I have a simple wood desktop from Ikea bolted to some motorized sit/stand desk. I wish I could say I stood a lot.

Chair - I sit on a refurbished Aeron that is fine. If it broke I would try something else. I had about 2 hours to find a chair before the world shut down for a month and this is what I ended up with.

Laptop Stand - I have a Roost that I very much enjoy. It folds up nice for portability and it keeps the laptop up fairly high. Pricy but if you use it 8 hours a day...

Headphones - I have some Bose Q35 over my ears most of the day. Again, overpriced (I didn't pay for them), but if you work in a open office (or at home during a pandemic) and are easily distracted, can you put on price on them? I wish the ear-pads were tougher.

Phone - I have a iPhone11 that I will keep for 3 or 4 years and then get whatever the current model is. I am kind of indifferent to a phone as long as it works. A good camera is nice, but I don't know what to do with it, so.

Eyeglasses - I have marginal eyesight, but I hate wearing readers at a computer because they rest of the world become blurry. Ray-Ban makes some "computer glasses" that are more magnified at the bottom of the lense (less at top) which seem to work well for my situation. I can look away from the screen and still see things.


Text-editor: Shocker, I use VS-Code. I tend to just use whatever everybody else is using because any questions I have will be robustly answered in StackOverFlow and any extensions I need will exist. I will say this is probably the longest I've ever been on one editor (I was on TextMate for a long while too).


Graphics Editor I have a full Adobe install, that I despise, through work, so I tend to use that. Bonus, if my furnace quits I just fire up 3 Adobe apps and my laptop will heat the entire office. I have used Sketch and Figma when I've worked with designers who use them. They all confuse me.

Password Manager 1Password. First thing I install on a computer/device.

Browsers For development I use FireFox. I like to support Mozilla and I like their inspector. Chrome is on my machine for testing, but I just feels like I'm being spied on. I use Safari for personal stuff because I can bounce between my phone and laptop easily.


Email Deep breath. Because my employer is a Microsoft [ed] shop, I must use Office and Exchange. While you can use almost any email client with Exchange, none of them work super great. The one that works best for me is...Outlook for Web. I know I know. Since I don't love email as a part of my browser, I sandbox it into a container app (I used Flotato last time). So now the web view works like a native app. Kind of. Email sucks and this is the best system I've come up with so far.

I use Slack, Github and Terminal like any other good little dev. I have to use MSFT Teams and Planner, but I can't say I love it. But we get them for free, and we get support with it, so.

STACK(s) #

New big sites are built in Gatsby.
Old big sites were built in Drupal .

New small sites are built in Eleventy.
Old small sites were built in Jekyll.

Code is hosted on github and deployed to Netlify.
Content is edited via Netlify-CMS and, preferably,

We use Bootstrap a lot for front-end stuff. Just stop. Stop what you are about to say. If it's ok for me to run 400 libraries and frameworks on the backend of the stack, I don't see why I can't run bootstrap on the frontend. Shhhh. Yes, we customize it. Shhhhhh.