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What Goes In My Travel Bag

It might surprise no one that I can be little particular about my gear for traveling. So today I'll dive a bit into how I packed for a recent 4 day/3 Night, work trip with some socializing as well. I don't do businessing or anything the requires a proper suit. But I try to look decent, and ready for everything a trip could hold in store. I pack in one backpack, which is carry-on. So everything that follows is either on me or in that bag. I value:

The Bag is a 20 year old NorthFace Recon. It's not perfect, but it hasn't given me any real reasons to replace it (this is a theme in my life). Legend has it this was actually my wife's bag, but somehow became my bag. I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor. It doesn't have a dedicated laptop pocket (just a flimsy sleeve) and its not really waterproof. But is has the right amount of pockets (1 big, 1 medium, 1 small) and deep side pockets for water bottles. If I traveled more I might consider replacing it.

Tech Gear #

Clothes gear #

Two light weight Merino wool sweaters
Two collared shirts
Two light weight merino wool t-shirts (maybe with spandex blend)
Two pair merino wool light hiking socks

You are picking up on a trend here, yes? I alternate through these and they stay looking nice, and just as important, smelling nice. Merino wool is apparently some sort of magic material that cost $100 per inch but seems to be worth it.

Two sweaters might be excessive, I might replace one with a classic tech-bro vest for another layer of warmth and some more versatility.

Of course pack as many pairs of underwear as there are days in your trip. Some things are immune to travel hacks.

There is nothing remarkable about my toiletries, except that I use a OneBlade and that means I don't have to bring shaving cream.

That's it. I'll probably edit this page as I change my method/habits.