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Names, my worst enemy

Lots of people say they are bad with names, but I am truly awful at names. Not all names. Like, if you need me to name the entire batting order of the '88 Red Sox, I'm all over it. But in meaningful instances, I'm a lost cause. The other night we hosted a bunch of folks for a pre-game halloween party and I had to introduce two couples to each other, and I batted .500. This sketch is just my daily life.

This leads me to the current book I'm reading, Nona The Ninth (The Locked Tomb #3). To be clear, I love this series. But this book is just a near constant reminder that I am shit with names. If I didn't know better, I would say this book went out of the way to specifically fuck with me. Some aggravating factors:

I will say this book has some pretty great names (We Suffer, Born in the Morning, Noodle). Anyway, I'm off to read more because, again, it's a pretty great book.