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WeekNotes - June 13, 2022

Team Coburn is temporarily located in County Kerry, Ireland. Thanks to some generous drop-offs and and pick-ups, the travel was pretty easy. Still some sleep issues, bodies despise the concept of timezones. So far we've had very typical Irish weather. It's cloudy and always on the verge of raining without actually raining.

I'm of two minds over the pros/cons of working 5 hours ahead of everyone. On one hand, I love a few hours of uninterrupted work before folks come online stateside. But I do struggle shutting it down at the end of the day, because there are so many open threads that aren't closed when I should be ending work.

It's nice traveling and "living" in a new place. It's one thing to be a tourist and see the sites, it's another to commute to a workplace, find your preferred coffee place and make friends with your temporary co-workers.

I thought maybe being abroad might give a bit of reprieve from the sense that the world is collapsing, but no. The news is bad everywhere.

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