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Readers of this site might notice that I refer to my partner, who has an actual name, as Herself. I do this for two reasons. One reason is that it seems to annoy her, as she feels I am oddly private about her. I am not. I am tastefully private about her. The other reason I use the term is as a nod to my favorite web writer, (calling him a blogger seems an insult) Dean Allen. He always referred to his partner as Herself. The reason I started writing was because I wanted to write like him and Lance Arthur. (You might not believe this but I actually wrote near-daily for 5 years).

Dean was a heartbreakingly talented writer. His ability to make his prose show adoration for the things he loved and disdain for the things he didn't, will go unmatched. So using the term on my stupid site is to honor him; and it makes me happy.

Dean, like all things too good for this world, is gone now. But I would encourage anyone to spend an hour or so digging through his archived stuff.